Cape Town Mock Ivory Burn in Images
Mock Ivory Burn, Cape Town
13 August, 2014

In Cape Town, conservationists, sports stars and celebrities gathered in Blaauwberg Nature Reserve yesterday to celebrate World Elephant Day by igniting a fire of mock ivory against the backdrop of Table Mountain to raise awareness of the ongoing slaughter of African Elephants. They may face extinction in the wild with at least 20,000 elephants killed for their tusks last year, although many conservationists believe the death toll to be far higher.

“The insatiable demand for ivory as a status symbol and investment commodity now threatens the very survival of elephants in many countries, with governments including our own continuing to accumulate stockpiles of ivory, perpetuating the concept that there is a commercial value for ivory and elephants continue to pay the price,” says Francis Garrard of the Conservation Action Trust.

“The Cape Town Burn pays homage to the tens of thousands of elephants who have died needlessly to satisfy greed and fashion. It also commemorates the Kenyan ivory burn of 1989 when the Kenyan government incinerated 12 tons of seized elephant tusks in an effort to persuade the world to ban the international trade in ivory, ” says Francis Garrard of the Conservation Action Trust.

 Mock Ivory Burn, Cape Town. Photo Montage

table mountain marius van straaten mock ivory burn

 Standing by, roll camera…ACTION. Photo Marius van Straaten.

Conservation Action Trust Ivory Burn_0391

Michaela Strachan, wildlife TV presenter. Photo: Mike Kendrick

Conservation Action Trust Ivory Burn_0389

Ntokozo Mbuli, 50|50 television presenter. Photo Mike Kendrick.

Conservation Action Trust Ivory Burn_0379

Joe Pietersen, South African rugby player. Photo Mike Kendrick.

Conservation Action Trust Ivory Burn_0405

Dr Ian McCallum, psychiatrist, conservationist, poet and guest speaker. Photo Mike Kendrick.

Conservation Action Trust Ivory Burn_0434

Cape Town, South Africa. Say No To Ivory.

Conservation Action Trust Ivory Burn_0450

Lighting the mock ivory pyre.

Conservation Action Trust Ivory Burn_0467

“Sometimes we start fires in order to put out fires.” Ian McCallum

Conservation Action Trust Ivory Burn_0468

Purging ivory to the flames.

Ivory burn Cape Town World Elephant Day

 Jade Hubner, Miss SA finalist throws Ivory into fire.

cape town world elephant day conservation action trust

Mock Ivory Burn, Cape Town, South Africa. Photo: (AP/ Schalk van Zuydam)


 Capetonians love the outdoors and love wildlife. #No2Trade.

Conservation Action Trust Ivory Burn_0490bw

 No Elephants when I grow up? Photo Mike Kendrick.

IMG_0925 Burnt ivory. Work in ivory can sometimes be exquisitely beautiful. With beauty sometimes comes terror and unspeakable suffering.” Ian McCallum

Skarre mock ivory burn cape town marius van straaten

Siyabonga “Scarra” Ntubeni, Stormers rugby player. Photo: Marius van Straaten

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