Evaluating Captive Wildlife Attractions & Activities
16th November 2019

A tool to help you make good choices.

Use this Decision Tree, that follows a process of elimination via 6 sequential questions, to assist yourapidly select which Captive Wildlife Tourist Attractions & Activities to support and which to avoid.

(A “YES” answer to question 1 gives you an immediate green light. A “NO” answer takes you through further questions where any subsequent “NO” answer disqualifies the Attraction. Only if you reach question 6, can you consider supporting the Attraction).

  1. Does the facility practice ALL the criteria for a true sanctuary or rehabilitation centre:
  • No breeding of animals
  • No trading of animals
  • No performing animals
  • No animals in tactile interactions/ walking with the public
  • Animals are in captivity because they were sick, injured,orphaned, rescued, donated and/or abandoned
  • The animals will have a home for life or will be used forin-situ repopulation by reintegration back to the wild or be relocated as part of a recognised conservation programme
  • And the facility is compliant with all relevant legislation and is transparent in its operations and marketing collateral

2. Does the facility offer any one or more of:

  • Performing animals
  • Tactile interactions with all infant wild animalse.g. cub petting
  • Tactile interactions with predators or cetaceans
  • Walking with predators or elephants
  • Riding of wild animals

3a. Do any of the animals end up in:

  • canned hunting
  • trade in body parts
  • Illegal trade

3b) Is there breeding of lions and/or tigers?

4. Is there any indication of:

  • misleading advertising
  • deceptive behaviour
  • lack of transparency

5. Is there any indication of illegal operations?

Any indication of non-compliance with or lack of relevant permits and permissions?

Do any of the following apply?

6a. Are any of the animals wild captured, purchased, bred in captivity OR traded commercially (unless part of recognised conservation programme)?

6b. Is any animal’s freedom of choice to participate in a tourist activity restricted in any way?

6c. Are any of the animals kept in captivity only for tourism/entertainment purposes?

Original post: https://www.satsa.com/wp-content/uploads/SATSA_HumanAnimalInteractions_Tool6.pdf?fbclid=IwAR3Zhm7MunkWMo1TU9U_45_MwhqLHwQDgQAS-thwVZRD4qQjQy1PTiZ3khY