Ivory Demand in China: Wildaid interview of 961 Chinese residents
WildAid & Beijing Horizonkey Information & Consulting
February 2014

There is much focus by conservationists and institutions on what is happening on the ground in Africa when it comes to elephant poaching however very little attention is being paid to demand reduction in China, the largest ivory consumer on the globe.

For this report WildAid and Horizonkey Research Consultancy Group interviewed 961 residents in Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou to better understand the awareness of the elephants conservation status, China’s ivory customers, and possibilities to deter consumption.

The findings of the report are presented in any easy to understand infographic. Furthermore there is a page pointing out some of the key findings from a focus group initiative. Participants included media professionals, government officials of deputy department director level, customs officials responsible for law enforcement and legal action and a ‘high-income group’ with an annual household income above two million RMB.

For the full report, Ivory Demand in China, click here.