Memorandum of Demand for Proposed Amendments to SA Legislation (PALSA) to Combat Rhino Poaching
Changes to Legislation (South Africa)

In the Proposed Amendments to South African Legislation (PALSA) participants urgently request the Department of Justice and Constitutional Development to intervene in the rhino poaching crisis by amending relevant legislation that governs bail applications for alleged rhino poachers and to institute the “Minimum Sentences Act” on crimes related to threatened species.

Initiated by the Global March for Elephants and Rhinos, the Memorandum of Demand was delivered to the Department of Water and Environmental Affairs, the President’s office, SANParks, the Minister of Justice, the Minister of Police, the Minister of Agriculture and the Constitutional Court in October 2014.

Between 1990 and 2005, rhino poaching losses in South Africa averaged 14 animals each year. As of September 2014, 787 rhinos had been killed for their horns (According to data published by South African Department of Environmental Affairs).

To view the Memorandum of Demand for Proposed Amendment to SA legislation to combat rhino poaching and crimes involving threatened or protected species, click here.Main Photo: (Mike Kendrick)