Mozambique: Authorities seize huge haul of elephant tusks bound for Dubai
Club of Mozambique

The Criminal Investigation Service (SERNIC) and Mozambique Tax Authority (AT) yesterday intercepted a 20-foot container containing 651 pieces of elephant tusk ivory at the port of Maputo. The consignment was bound for Dubai.



Photo via Alexandre Nhampossa/X


According to Moçambique Bio, the prohibited items were hidden in the centre of the container, surrounded by bags of corn.

According to the same publication, efforts are now underway to identify the exporter and customs broker of the container.

Meanwhile, lawyer David Ucama said that SERNIC would notify the National Administration of Conservation Areas (ANAC) so it could carry out an examination of the seized products.

“SERNIC will inform ANAC to carry out the investigation and be the faithful custodian, as it usually has been,” the biodiversity conservation lawyer said.

An anonymous Mozambican wildlife crime expert told Mozambique Bio: “Based on the photos I had access to, and given the quality of the ivory, it must be not only from Mozambique, but also from organised crime in neighbouring countries.”

SERNIC spokesperson Leonardo Simbine said that the Tax Authority would presently give a press conference on the matter.