03 September 2015

The NSPCAs Wildlife Protection Unit has compiled an in-depth report on the captive Elephant industry in South Africa.

All information contained in this factual report has been obtained during ongoing physical inspections by our inspectors at facilities that keep elephants in captivity throughout South Africa.

We are the only organisation that has a dedicated Wildlife Protection Unit with specially trained Inspectors that focus specifically on wild and exotic animal welfare. In addition to this we are the only organisation that undertakes these inspections nationally, and therefore are in the position to speak with authority on our findings in the industry.

Our inspections are either reactive (investigating complaints) or proactive. All inspections are unannounced so we are able to get a proper indication of the care provided to these animals without the owners being forewarned to ensure that things are not hidden from us in advance.

The report is available on our website at: http://www.nspca.co.za/clientdata/10072/uploads/pdfs/welfare%20of%20elephants%20in%20captivity%20in%20south%20africa%20jun%202015.pdf