OPEN LETTER BY ELEPHANT SPECIALISTS Re. Lammie, the lone female elephant at Johannesburg Zoo
Elephant Specialists
29 January 2019

We, the undersigned elephant specialists, would like to set the record straight in the case of the lone female elephant, Lammie, at the Johannesburg Zoo, South Africa. There have been various media reports stating that Lammie cannot be released into a free roaming situation as she has been at the zoo for all her life. There have been further statements by zoo personnel and spokespersons, and most recently a press release, stating that Lammie:

a) has good welfare,
b) has strong bonds with her keepers,
c) serves a strong educational role, and
d) is an ambassador for conservation.

The Zoo states they have consulted with ’specialists’ regarding Lammie, but none of the undersigned local and world-leading elephant specialists have been consulted. Here we aim to correct some of the misinformation that has been circulated.

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