Poaching Rhino Horn in South Africa and Mozambique: Community and expert views from the trenches
Kenly Greer Fenio
November 2014

This report illustrates attitudes garnered from nine focus groups in several poaching communities in and around South African and Mozambican game parks, and approximately 15 in-depth interviews with experts working in the parks. Although the communities exhibited differences, there also exist a common set of conditions in them: economically marginalized populations, anger toward the status quo, huge financial incentives from poaching, widespread corruption, and porous borders, all of which highlight the complex interaction of economic and political factors in perpetuating illicit wildlife trafficking. Until conservation and anti-poaching and trafficking efforts are ramped up, demand is reduced in Asian countries such as Viet Nam, and communities nearest the parks see it in their interest to protect endangered animals such as the rhino, gaining greater traction through efforts to bring an end to poaching will be difficult.

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