Republic of Mozambique: National Rhino and Ivory Action Plan (NIRAP) 2015-2016
January 2, 2015

Standing Committee of CITES (SC) met in Geneva from 7 to 11 July 2014, assessed the
implementation status of CITES decisions taken at CoP 16, (Bangkok, 2013) on the rhino and
elephant. The SC identified Mozambique as one of eight countries of concern in relation to illegal
trade of Rhino and Elephant products. On this regard the SC recommended Mozambique the

About Elephant – The need to prepare detailed National Ivory Action Plan and submit to the
CITES Secretariat by 31 October 2014. The Plan should include indicators for impact measures
(poaching level of elephant seized tips, penalties applied, among other measures)

About Rhino – the need to prepare detailed Rhino National Action Planned submit to CITES
Secretariat by date 31 October 2014 and, take urgent measures to implement the action plan.

In response of these recommendations Mozambique developed simultaneously and in a single
document the two action plans called National Rhino and Ivory Action Plan (NIRAP). This
document was developed with the generous assistance of consultants appointed by the CITES
Secretariat and with the participation of all Mozambican Government Agencies that are part of the
National Task Force for the protection of natural resources

Download the full report (PDF 566kb)