The Last Elephants – Book review
Orielle Berry
April 2019

Did you know that in Africa there is one elephant for every 20 000 people; fewer than 450 000 according to the (most recent) Great Elephant Census of 2016, down from the 3 to 5 million just 100 years ago?

In the handsomely illustrated book, searingly heart-rending photographs of the carnage of elephants is juxtaposed with vividly evoked pictures of these stately gently giants.

It brings home the harsh facts: in many of their home ranges, elephant populations have plummeted by a third in just seven years – on average an elephant is killed every 15 to 20 minutes.

Yes, with the shockingly horrific pictures displayed of poached and mangled elephants, the news is out: these intelligent, extraordinary creatures are in crisis.

The book, with comprehensive information, hard facts and figures, and with emotional appeal, presents a powerful message – true to its title – these could be the last elephants and could see their final demise in less than three decades.

The authors, in this superbly compiled book, have gathered together experts from all over Africa.

Their essays present a convincing case to do everything possible to halt the carnage of elephants in the face of greedy and ruthless dealers and consumers.

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