[VIDEO]: International Rhino Coalition concludes trade in rhino horn is too risky
10 June, 2014

INTRODUCTION: This video addresses the dire effects the legal rhino horn trade could have on the survival of the species. Some of the key findings include:

  • The premise that legalizing the rhino horn trade will make illegal trade unprofitable is neither based on sound economic theory nor supported by solid data.
  • Trade legalisation will most likely preserve and reinforce the illegal sourcing of horn by enabling market expansion, commerce diversification and laundering opportunities.
  • Attempts by South Africa to sell its rhino horn cheaply, thereby undercutting the illegal market, will likely fail. As market power is concentrated in the final stages of commercialisation, a legal supply of horn from South Africa will be unable to influence (much less to control) retail prices or final demand.

Main Photo: (Chris Johnston Photography)