Trophy Hunting in Botswana’s NG13: we follow the money
Simon Espley - AfricaGeographic

NG13 is a remote, largely unpopulated 2,907km2 (290,000ha) region in the northern Botswana, zoned for multiple uses, including photographic tourism and trophy hunting. It shares its 100km northern boarder with Namibia’s Bwabwata National Park. Much of the boundary fence is broken, resulting in the free movement of wild animals. 

This is where Botswana professional hunter Leon Kachelhoffer bagged one of Botswana’s largest elephants in a trophy hunt last year for his client – a giant of a beast and one of the dwindling population of tuskers (elephants with tusks weighing at least 100 pounds each) left in Africa. When we reported on the hunt, we questioned how beneficial this hunt was for local communities in desperate need of a sustainable livelihood. Now we have access to information and figures documenting the likely profit made by Kachelhoffer in 2022 and the scraps that go to local communities. 

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